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The Traveling Charbonneaus

Wendell Charbonneau--septic tank cleaner by day, country music troubadour by night--spends his weekends dragging his ragtag family band into the bars and clubs searching for his "neon rainbow" with the pot of country music gold . But in the end, after all the searching, he discovers he's already been found.

The Lady Hypnotist

In addition to playing to packed venues in which Professor Simone Joubert presents hypnotism for entertainment purposes, she's also a skilled practitioner in what she calls "the curing hypnosis." Fact and fiction weave into an intriguing tapestry as she works with Libbie Custer (the infamous general's wife) and Robert Louis Stevenson (the celebrated author).


In this comedic novel with a heart, accountant Gilbert Dart winds up living in a peculiar, but delightfully harmonious trailer park. A strong desire to belong in this strange community conflicts with his upper-middle-class background, but the story ends with his resolve, a surprise, and a dark revelation.

Saving Joshua

Two brothers--one a musician, the other an EMT--make their way in the world until drugs intrude into the musician's life. When a cocaine-induced stroke cripples him, he asks his EMT brother to save him ...from a life he doesn't want... by granting him euthanasia.

Mind Matters: Overcoming Common Mental Barriers in Drumming

Mind Matters provides insights, exercises, and "teaching tales" for developing the mental and emotional skills that complement the physical and musical techniques employed by today's most successful drummers and percussionists.
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