Bernie Schallehn

Mind Matters: Overcoming Common Mental Barriers in Drumming

"As drummers and percussionists we have the unique challenge of finding a balance between sheer physicality and mental focus, more so than any other creative artist. Mind Matters fuses clinical concepts, practical guidelines, anecdotes and scenarios into an unprecedented manual for all musicians. A must-read!"
–Taku Hirano (Fleetwood Mac, Cirque du Soleil, session percussionist)

"Being a musician takes physical and mental energy. In Mind Matters, Bernie has written a wealth of information and exercises that I find very important for developing your mental drumming chops. Informative and fun to read--a must-have for all drummers!"
–Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (Santana, Lindsey Buckingham, Chicago)

"Keeping your head together is essential for surviving as a drummer. Bernie dives right into the soul of what it takes to stay positive on the journey."
–Shawn Pelton (drummer for Saturday Night Live, Sheryl Crow, sessions)

Selected Works

The saga of a septic tank cleaner desperate to hit big in country music.
The life and times of a female traveling hypnotist in the late 1880s.
A nerdy accountant winds up in a bizarre, but oddly idyllic trailer park.
A dark, semi-autobiographical coming-of-age drama involving two brothers.
Mind Matters assists the drummer in conquering mental and emotional obstacles inherent to the art.

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